¿About us?

We are a production company with wide experience in film and TV. Our team has worked in internationally known production across the globe. We have the best professionals with experience in production of TV series for companies like Netflix, Turner Amazon, among others. We are willing to place our practical know-how and our extensive experience to make your production in Colombia a complete success. We want to meet all your production and budgeting needs.


We are an award-winning audiovisual content production company with a portfolio of feature films, series, transmedia and commercial products that includes projects such as “Talion”; “Yo te llevo a Brasil”, “Bluff”, ‘Magallanes”, “Doble” and “Fortuna Lake.” We have a group of interdisciplinary professionals with extensive experience in the development and production of audiovisual content, multimedia and advertising industry. We are ready to put all of our knowledge to make your shooting in Colombia a success, and to satisfy your production needs and budget.





Felipe Martínez Amador

Founder | Director | Screenwriter | Producer

Colombian director, scriptwriter and producer with experience in more than 50 episodes of cable series such as “Historia de un Crimen: Colmenares”, “2091”, “Cumbia Ninja,“ La Muchacha que Limpia ”,“ Tiempo Final ”,“ Kdabra ”, “Karabudjan” and “Lynch” among others. His first film “Bluff” was released in 2007, becoming the highest grossing Colombian film of that year. He wrote and directed the feature films “Malcriados” and “Loco por Vos” for Dynamo, roles that he repeated for the Peruvian producer Tondero in the film “Igualita a Mi”. With Proyectil he co-produced the film “Magallanes” and wrote, produced and directed the feature films “Doble” and “Fortuna Lake”. He currently works as Showrunner for the production company BTF Media in Mexico.

@: felipe.martinez@proyectil.net

salvador del solar

Salvador del Solar Labarthe

Founder | Director | Producer | Screenwriter

Salvador del Solar (born 1970 in Lima) is an actor, director, and conference speaker. He was President of the Council of Ministers (2019) and Minister of Culture of Peru (2017).
He graduated from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú with a law degree in 1994 and received a Master’s degree in International Relations with a specialization in Communication and Intercultural Negotiation from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University in New York in 2002. He was a Visiting Fellow at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University in 2018.
He contributes to the opinion page of the Americas edition of the newspaper El País.
He wrote and directed the film “Magallanes” (2015), which won the Cine en Construcción Award at the San Sebastián Film Festival, was released internationally at the Toronto International Film Festival, and was nominated for the Goya Award for Best Ibero-American Film by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain (2016). It also received 5 nominations for the Platino Awards for Ibero-American Film that year. He directed the series Los Prisioneros (2022), about the iconic Chilean rock band.
Among his acting roles, he has appeared in the films “Doble” (2016), “El Elefante Desaparecido” (2014), “Saluda al Diablo de mi Parte” (2011) and “Pantaleón y las Visitadoras” (1999); the series “Narcos” (2015), “Comando Élite” (2014), “El Capo” (2012) and “Correo de Inocentes” (2011); and the theater productions “Yo, Cinna (el poeta)” (2021), “El Hombre Almohada” (2006), “Enrique V” (2005), “Rey Lear” (2000), and “Séptimo Cielo” (1996).

@: salvador.solar@proyectil.net


Luis Villamil

Head of Content

Director and scriptwriter dedicated to the creation of television formats. He wrote and directed the television program “Top Water” for Canal + with broadcast in Spain and Portugal. Currently, he is dedicated to the development of television content with costume made design according to the platform or distribution channel.

@: luis.villamil@proyectil.net


Pilar Zapata

Director | Screenwriter

Pilar Zapata is a Colombian-born international director based in Mexico and Montreal with more than 10 years of experience in the advertising, music, content and fiction industry. Pilar works for different production companies around the world: Whiskey Films (Latam), MediaMonks (Latam), We are Hero (Mexico), La Tuna Group (Monterrey), Proyectil (Colombia), NatgeoLA (Latam), Estudios TeleMexico, WildHorse Studios (Argentina – Canada), Tonic DNA, (Canada) and AVP (Hong Kong).

@: pilar.zapata@proyectil.net

lina 1

Lina Rosas

Directora | Guionista

As assistant director he has participated in film projects such as the Colombian-Bolivian co-production “Anomalia”, being 2AD in feature films such as La Pachanga and Mamá al Volante by Harold Trompetero, Los Ajenos Futbol Club by Juan Camilo Pinzón, among others, and as 3AD in Doble and Malcriados directed by Felipe Martinez. In TV she has participated in productions such as MIL COLMILLOS for HBO, La Reina del Flow for Caracol TV, Las Pasantes and Tonada al Viento for Laberinto Producciones; she has also worked as assistant director in digital pieces such as Adulto Contemporáneo, Sinsera demente, La brega, Fabiolita SOS. among others for Dirty Kitchen. .

@: lina.rosas@proyectil.net

marcela suarez proyectil

Claudia Marcela Angulo

Writer | Director

Passionate about storytelling and the media, Marcela studied Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication and has developed her career from assisting in directing and writing tv novels, series, pilots, documentaries, short films, commercials and theater. Her interest in writing led her to study playwriting, theater and script in Buenos Aires. She has won two state calls as a screenwriter. She is currently exploring theater and film writing with a healing and multidisciplinary perspective.

@: marcela.angulo@proyectil.net