Transmedia series of 10 episodes of 10 minutes each.
Created by: Julián Urrego.
Screenplay: Leopoldo Vanegas.
Director: Felipe Martínez Amador
Producers: Felipe Martínez Amador and Juan David Posada.
Genre: Comedy / police.
Audience: Millennial.
Format purchased by Fox Telecolombia.
The hot and damp city of Villavicencio is a vermin-infested sewer. Traffickers, raiders, politicians, paramilitaries and dissident guerrillas make up a great fauna at the service of organized crime that must be neutralized at any cost. The creation of a specialized undercover police force called Transmilenials, made up of Lieutenant Colonel LEAL (36) and Sub-Lieutenant CARACAS (22), is imminent.
But money is scarce and bureaucracy abounds. Loyal, unscrupulous and freehand, Colonel LEAL is going through a rough patch after the murder of his former mission partner. He was relegated to a precarious command, forced to work with the inexperienced Caracas, typical third world millennial, a good for nothing, son of a powerful general who moves his twisted influences to promote him in the institution against his will. Leal and Caracas are under pressure to join forces despite their mutual animosity.
They will not have cutting-edge technology or minutes on their cell phone, but they are in charge of enforcing law and order. Each episode will be a new delusional case full of humor, danger and absurd situations that tells an intricate criminal case that these two undercover agents, with diametrically opposite personalities and under the command of the horrifying COLONEL PÉCORA (47) have to solve, despite having everything against them. Whether it is finding sexual harassers, disguised as transvestites or dismantling the dark cartel of the drug Tricibí, the most powerful designed drug on the planet, they will have to adopt different personalities and facades to infiltrate the most dangerous criminal organizations.
Leal and Caracas will do whatever it takes to fight crime and unravel the corrupt criminal network under the command of the enigmatic alias BERRINCHE whose tentacles spread from the rottenest pots to the highest spheres of power. They will do whatever it takes to neutralize their targets. They make up a specialized elite body. They don’t even have money for gas for their patrol. They are: Transmilenials.

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