Broken in Pieces

Written by: Julieth Restrepo and Felipe Martínez Amador
Directed by: Felipe Martínez Amador
Genre: Drama
Format: 100 minutes film
Fernanda wakes up from the coma without knowing where she is or what happened to her. She has lost almost all of her front teeth and has fractured her nose, jaw, cheekbone and three of her ribs. She doesn’t remember that it was Thomas, her boyfriend, who beat her savagely and doesn’t know that she is still alive because an uber driver decided to lift her off the pavement and take her to the emergency room.
As soon as her body allows it and despite the opposition of her family, Fernanda deceives her sister Marce and decides to go to see Thomas in prison just to confirm what everyone was telling her and she was refusing to accept.
This episode intensifies in Fernanda an overwhelming feeling of despair, guilt, and addiction. She may physically be feeling better now, but inside she feels shattered. Is there any way to become the person she was before the beating?
“Pieces of Me” is the story of the impossible journey that Fernanda wants to make back to a “place” that no longer exists; the journey through which she will discover the value that is needed to start again.