Transmedia and interactive series of 8 chapters of 10 minutes each.
Created and written by: Estefanía Piñeres, Marcela Angulo and Felipe Martínez Amador.
Director: Felipe Martínez Amador.
>Photography:> Julián Torres
Producers: Carolina Lozano, Andrés Navia, Consuelo Rojas.
Genre: Fantasy / Musical / Thriller.
Audience: Centennial.
Winning project of the New Media call of the Mintc and the FDC 2017.
“Mysterious” is the story of a girl who rediscovers herself in a house full of monsters.
Monica, an eleven-year-old music prodigy, escapes her home after being booed at a school performance and arguing with her parents. After wandering the city for hours, she arrives – with a little magic – in front of the door of an old house. There, she will meet a group of strange characters who, in the middle of a magical and mysterious atmosphere, will teach her to face her greatest fears and start her way back home. . . and to music.
“Mysterious” tells a funny story about what it means to grow up. It is aimed at “Generation Z” boys and girls. It has elements of various genres such as adventure, fantasy, musical, and horror.

Series and multimedia