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Three Two One Two Three

Created and written by: Pilar Zapata, Marcela Angulo and Felipe Martinez Amador
Genre: Drama | Musical | Erotic
Audience: Millenial
Format: Series of 8 chapters of 45 minutes each | 90 minute feature film.
Selected in the BAM 2016.
Martina, Cecilia and Simon are great friends. Martina is a singer who lives in CDMX and Cecilia and Simon are dating and have been living together in Colombia for some years. The life of the three changes when the multinational company for which Cecilia works as an influencer proposes a transfer to Mexico.
The night Cecilia and Simon arrive in Mexico City, due to a logistical mistake in the company, they have nowhere to sleep and have to stay for a few days at Martina’s house. That night they share and remember funny and important moments from their past, and we discover that there is tension between Martina and Simon.
While Cecilia works, Martina and Simón share together and try to avoid talking about the idyllic and secret relationship they had before she went to live in CDMX. But the subject is unavoidable. Martina accepts that fate found her on the path she took to avoid it, but she knows that she does not want to betray Cecilia again. Martina and Simon agree not to repeat the affair.
Cecilia’s lack of time and the attraction that exists between Martina and Simon makes them start to see each other more often, remembering what they once had and breaking their initial promise. Martina and Simon unleash their love, secretly with guilt and remorse.
Simon gets a job and is given residency immediately. On the contrary, Cecilia is fired before having residency. She asks Simon to marry her so they can stay together in the country. Simon refuses because of his secret love with Martina, however, when Cecilia thinks about returning to Colombia, he is clouded by guilt and decides not to let her go.
Martina, in pain and betrayed, reveals all the infidelity. The relationship of the three breaks down. Cecilia leaves, Martina is full of guilt, and Simon cannot live without either of them. Simon goes to Martina in search of Cecilia, but neither of them knows where she is. They are forced to call Cecilia’s mother who, upon hearing everything, decides to fly to CDMX. Martina leaves a message for Cecilia telling her what happened, and Cecilia has no choice but to give her whereabouts.
Martina looks for Cecilia and asks her forgiveness. Together they have a tough conversation that allows them to reconcile. They arrive at Martina’s house and Simón waits for them to talk.
There, the three of them have a tough conversation; they talk about betrayal, friendship, forgiveness and reconciliation. In the end, Simon proposes to rethink their relationship and try to be good all three. The decision is not easy; but they agree because of the love and power that each one exercises over the other. The three forgive each other and decide to take a trip.
The three of them travel to Tulum, a place that has a lot of meaning within the relationship that each had with the other, and there, they live a new relationship.
At the airport, Simon and Martina say goodbye to Cecilia, who is calm and happy to return to Colombia renewed. Martina and Simón walk together towards the exit of the place and say goodbye. Each one takes their way.