Hariko effect

Created by:: Luis Villamil
Genre: Thriller
Audience: Young Adult
Format: 8 x 44 series per season
This series tells the story of Hariko, an investigative journalist who has been forced to practice journalism anonymously to protect her life. Over time she has been forced to use extreme hacking techniques to confront criminals and government officials and leak information without endangering her life.
Everything changes when in the middle of an investigation he finds a recording with the screams of a young woman who has been kidnapped and locked in the statue of the Virgin Mary. She begins to investigate until she realizes that the young woman is called Ana Carrara (18) and her disappearance has been echoed in all the media.
La Deep web es un sistema de encriptación que permite a los traficantes del mundo comerciar en internet sin que ninguna autoridad pueda detectar en la red la ubicación de quien vende o compra los bienes: Es la invisibilidad total para el narcotráfico, el tráfico de armas y la trata de personas.
Hariko must immerse herself in an investigation that will lead her to the deep web, a hidden internet where the most horrendous crimes of humanity are committed: Trafficking of women, lives bought online and virginities sold at high sums. She connects with an undercover agent with the last name Licardi, a man who has been infiltrated in the world of crime for years, and asks for his help in tracking down Ana.
The series revolves around a two-day search (48 hours countdown) in which the viewer will accompany Hariko on her descent into hell. You will be connected to her like in a video game; you will be able to access her head, her nightmares and her traumas. Hariko’s narration and her thoughts will take us to know in the real world the attacks used by current hackers such as Backdoors, viruses, logic bombs and D-dos attacks; attacks that have never been brought into physical action on television.
The viewer will observe each cyber attack as if it were the access of a SWAT group to the den of a criminal. This will lead us to see impossible scenarios, circuits or cyclical scenes and sordid places that can only exist in the networks or imagination.
Hariko and his team will have to deal with hidden forces. Neither their careful planning nor their systems expertise can prepare them for the dangerous enemy who seems to know their every move beforehand; an invisible enemy that will kill them one by one, while they are increasingly immersed in an isolated and secluded area of ​​the world.
In the search for the physical place where Damian Navarro operates, Hariko must face her fears and fight her own “invisible network”.
They say that you shouldn’t look at the abyss too much, because from looking at it, the abyss ends up looking inside you.