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Created by: Felipe Martínez Amador, Jorge de Dios and Salvador del Solar
Genre: Terror | Adventures | Science fiction
Audience: Millennial.
Format: 8 x 44 series per season | 100 min movie
Martina, a young and notable Colombian biologist, daughter of Spaniards and settled in Madrid, receives extraordinary news: her doctoral thesis has just won the maximum scholarship that the Complutense University of Madrid awards for new scientific research.
Martina goes out to celebrate in a bar with Julian (her brilliant boyfriend); Natalia (her best friend) and her cousin Jose (the barman of the establishment). At dawn as she exists the bar, Martina sees a strange woman looking at her from another building.
She is “La Merecha”, an Amazonian indigenous woman, a teacher of ancestral knowledge. Years ago La Merecha performed a dark ritual on young Martina to cure her from lung cancer, since all traditional medicine had failed. Martina was subjected to this ritual unknowingly.
“Go back to Colombia and pay the debt that until today allows you to breathe,” says the woman. “Thirteen years are going to be fulfilled since the death that should have taken you at thirteen.”
Martina is confused. Her father, a renowned biologist of the hidden Amazonian knowledge, never told Martina how she cured herself from cancer.
If you don’t pay – La Merecha sentences – what is left in the roots of the jungle will come back and go after the persons you love.
Drunk and confused, Martina ignores the warnings of La Merecha, dismissing them as mere superstitions. She’s a scientist after all. Martina returns to the bar to continue her celebration. However a few minutes later, she witnesses a strange episode in the bar: her cousin Jose enters into a strange trance that makes him stick two beer bottles into his eyes, dying on the spot.
After sending his cousin’s body to Colombia, she returns to her apartment where it is now Julian who enters into the strange trance that makes him expel a toad through his mouth before falling into an inexplicable coma. Mere superstitions? Or forces of the occult underestimated by the superb mind of a young scientist?
Willing to do anything to save her boyfriend, Martina travels to Colombia. Back in the land where her death was postponed, she seeks answers to the inexplicable. What did they do to her? Why was she never sick again? Why does her mother, confined for almost thirteen years in a psychiatric hospital, assure that she is not Martina?
To find the answers, Martina will have to give up being skeptical. And she will discover in the attempt that, in order to pay her “debt” and save Julian, she will also have to give up much, much more.