In Love

Written by: Felipe Martínez Amador, Salvador del Solar and Marcela Angulo.
Genre: Black Comedy / Police
Audience: Millennial.
Format: 6 × 25 series per season / 80 min film.
Madison was a wonder kid. Since she was a child she was obsessed with the masterpieces of great artists. Madison grew up to be an amazing medicine student in college. Genius and madness always go together, in Madison’s case, she merged her two talents and became a serial murderer. Her artistic killings are an excellent example of master surgery and exquisite art, she dissects her victims with clean and precise nicks, she makes immaculate incisions through their flesh, to make her victims’ bodies a unique work of art.
Madison streams videos of her murders through a secret channel. Her videos have millions of views in the underground social media. Madison also makes very good money selling these crime videos to “Kris on fire” a sensationalist video blog lead by Kris, an anchorwoman who had a renowned TV Show that was cancelled because of low ratings. Kris is willing to do anything to get on top again.
Every thing changes when a new murderer comes to town, the Prozac Killer a young man who leaves his crime scenes as “art installations” for the police and shows them to his viewers via streaming. He is more fresh and innovative than Madison, and quickly adds views and likes, wining the audience of Kris on fire. Kris starts dedicating more screen time for the Prozac Killer and less for Madison.
Madison thinks the Prozac Killer is clumsy and has no style, his cuts are artless and rugged. Why is this guy so famous? Madison is like classical music, the “Mozart” of the world of serial murderers. The Prozac Killer is like a dim-witted rapper who becomes a millionaire without any work or effort.
But for Madison her art is sacred, she is not going to be pushed over to sidelines, nobody will take her place in the world of serial killers. Because of that, Madison decides to find the Prozac Killer to turn him over to the police. Her investigation leads her to Jake, a skinny introvert guy. She discovers that Jake finds his victims while working in a suicide hotline. He chooses the most vulnerable people and if they are going to die, it is better to be killed by an “artist” than to throw yourself under a bus.
Madison needs to tear down Jakes career to regain hers. She pretends to be a potential victim, fragile and vulnerable. Within two days, Jake finds in her the perfect victim.
Madison and Jake meet, and start a relationship that excites Jake: artist and victim. This makes Jake break his most cardinal rule; he falls in love with his victim.
Madison, taking advantage of Jake’s love gathers information about his crimes. She asks him to stop streaming his art installations otherwise she’ll go to the police and turn him in. It’s a small town for two artistic killers.
Jake is not going to be an easy enemy. He will confront Madison in a cruel war. Like in every relationship they will show their most lethal and murderous techniques. These two psychopaths in love will flirt with death and bleed till there is nothing left.