Director: Salvador del Solar.
Written by: Salvador del Solar.
Genre: Drama.
Duration: 100 minutes.
Status: Filming completed in April 2014.
Premiere in Colombia May 2016.
  • Grant from the Carolina Foundation and Casa de América (Madrid, Spain 2009).
  • CNACC Production Award (Lima, Peru 2012).
  • Award for Films in Progress at the San Sebastian Festival (2014).
  • Official Selection Toronto Festival (2015).
  • Nominated for Best Ibero-American Film at the Goya Awards (2015).
  • Nominated for Best First Film at the Platino Awards (2016).
One afternoon, Harvey Magellan sees Celina get into his taxi, a woman he met twenty-five years ago, when he was a soldier trapped in the nightmare of serving in a conflict zone and she was an underage peasant who had the terrible luck to run into him.
She doesn’t recognize him. But Harvey has not been able to forget her. He decides to follow her secretly and discovers that she lives alone and that she is burdened by overdue debts that she cannot pay.
At fifty years old, already resigned to a lonely life without illusions, Harvey believes that in Celina, and in her financial troubles, he can find a possible way of redemption and, why not, a last chance for love.
He knows, however, that he cannot appear before her empty-handed. With the aim of getting enough money to help her, he decides to anonymously blackmail his former commander in the conflict zone, threatening to reveal his decisive role in the events that changed Celina’s life forever.
No obstante, cuando por fin se presenta ante ella con algo que ofrecer, Harvey se encuentra con una mujer que forjó su supervivencia en la ciudad a fuerza de olvidar lo que le sucedió en su tierra, un pasado que no puede darse el lujo de volver a enfrentar.
However, when he finally presents himself with something to offer, Harvey meets a woman who forged her survival in the city by forgetting what happened to her back home, a past that she cannot afford to face again
“Magellan” is the story of an impossible hero, a man who waged a war that nobody really cares about, who committed atrocities for which no one pursues him, and who indulges in a desperate plan that can only fail.