Written by: Felipe Martínez Amador y Luis Villamil
Directed by: Felipe Martínez Amador
Genre: Horror – Comedy
Format: 90 minutes film
In 1976, Pablo Escobar used the services of a witch named Merecha to protect a shipment of cocaine from Ecuador. What Pablo doesn’t know is that one of his men reported the truck to the police, leading to the seizure of the shipment at the entrance to Medellín. Escobar blames the witch, who knew the route and the exact date of the shipment. He picks up a suitcase with $5,000 to bribe the police and recover the shipment, but before that he takes a detour to go with his hitmen to kill the witch. From this murder, strange things begin to happen, everything changes for Pablo and his men: when they leave Merecha’s house, they find a police checkpoint in which Pablo is injured. Escobar and his men have to leave the truck to escape from the police and enter rough field through the forest to a peasant house that seems abandoned. Pablo and his accomplices seek refuge there to evade the patrols that roam the area. They realize that the house is inhabited by an older couple and ask for help to heal the boss. What they don’t know is that staying there that night will become their worst nightmare.
Pablo mistrusts the different supernatural events that begin to occur around the house. One by one the hitmen begin to be murdered by an invisible enemy. Pablo’s men assure him that killing a witch was something stupid and that witch killings have brought misfortunes to cartels in the past. However, Pablo resists believing that the events are related to the murder of the witch: he doubts the family that is hosting them, doubts that his own men are doing it, and thinks that they are setting him up to take his money. The murders continue to kill them until only Pablo is left.
Thus, the story shows us the intimate relationship between witchcraft and drug traffickers and takes us to see an alternate version of Escobar’s story, a version that ends in the well-known photo where Escobar smiles as he is arrested and photographed by the police, a version in which it is suggested, in a key of terror and black humor, that before that photo Pablo was possessed by the witch, becoming the patron of evil that history knew.