Mini Serie

Miniseries of 3 chapters of 10 minutes each, winner of the Mintic “Relatos en Serie” call.
Created, written and directed by: Marcela Angulo.
Produced by: Marcela Angulo, Andrea Corzo and Felipe Martinez.
Genre: Romantic Dramedy
Audience: Millennials and young adults.
BOGOBLACK is a mini series that deals with love between Afro people. Juliana, an Afro girl from Bogotá who has no idea of black identity, and Jonier, a man from Buenaventura rooted in the ancestral African culture and an Afro-descendant from it, fall in love when they meet in a bookstore in Bogotá. Jonier’s attempts to seduce Juliana despite being married, she avoids for fear of repeating the abandonment of her Chocoano father whom she never met. The reflections that Juliana and Jonier address about the black make them find what unites them despite their cultural differences.
Consequently, the laughter, the kisses and the connection between the two does not take long. However, in one of her hidden meetings, Juliana understands that the place she deserves in a relationship is not that of his lover. Finally, it will be demonstrated that love between Afro people is also an encounter with ethnic, cultural, ancestral and historical identity and self-recognition.


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