Transmedia series of 13 episodes of 3 minutes each, with three alternative endings.
Created by: Salvador del Solar and Felipe Martínez Amador.
Writers: Salvador del Solar and Felipe Martínez Amador.
Director: Felipe Martínez Amador.
Genre: Police, Drama.
Status: Shot and released in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in 2013.
When everything seemed perfect in the lives of Hans and Manuela, misfortune broke out in their lives. For stealing her cell phone, Maria, her only daughter, is murdered by a drug addict who had escaped from a rehabilitation center.
In the recognition of the corpse, a police detective offers Hans the possibility of turning over his daughter’s murderer to him instead of the police.
The pain and despair of Hans and his wife will lead them to accept the detective’s offer without knowing that he has an agenda to take advantage of the situation.


Series and multimedia