Written by: Esteban Orozco and Felipe Martínez Amador.
Directed by: Felipe Martínez Amador.
Genre: Comedy and fantasy.
Duration:: 90 min.
Awards: FDC Award for Script Development (2009).FDC Award for Comprehensive Stimulus (2015).
Status: Filming completed on December 14, 2016.
Premiere in Peru September 2017
Premiere in Colombia October 2018
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Fede wants to change his wife Mariana. But he doesn’t want to trade her for another one, but for her old self. He wants Mariana to stop being the workaholic she became after twenty years of marriage and go back to being the free spirited girl, he fell in love with in the nineties. Fede misses the young Mariana, the one who dreamed of becoming a great photographer, a girl that would make him happy again.
A passing comet makes Fede’s wish come true. On their anniversary night, Mariana goes to a business meeting and Fede runs into a woman absolutely identical to Mariana, except that she is twenty years younger.
This younger Mariana is a sensitive and fun girl who still doubts between studying business or photography. It’s amazing, it’s Mariana’s double. An even worst: This new Mariana is crazy about him!
Fede is fascinated. His wish has been fulfilled. Fede leaves Mariana for her “Double” and decides to change her life convincing her to study photography and not business. He is going to make her the woman he always dreamed of. He thinks that would make him happy… But be careful with what you wish for.
Fede discovers that dating a twenty-year-old Mariana is not so easy or fun when you are in your fourties. And he also discovers that he misses the original Mariana, the one he left. Fede decides to recover his owife before it is too late.
But it’s already too late. “The Double” decision to study photography will give another direction to her life. Fede altered the fate of the original Mariana and she is no longer a workaholic executive; she is a well known photographer who has a different husband, one much more handsome and interesting than himself.
There is only one way out: Stop “the Double” from studying photography and reverse all the changes. But Fede finds himself invaded by a disturbing question: Isn’t this new Mariana much happier than she ever was with him? She certainly is. But wouldn’t Fede be happier if he managed to get her back?
“Double” is not just a romantic comedy that winds up the desires that we often feed without asking ourselves where they might lead us; it is also a story about how we can lose happiness trying to find it and how we could get it back if we stop pursuing it.