Fortuna Lake

Written by: Felipe Martínez Amador, Jorge de Dios and Elena Sainz
Directed by: Felipe Martínez Amador
Genre: Horror
Language: English
Duratión: 80 minutes
Status: Filming completed on January 28, 2017.
Premiere in Peru and Bolivia February 2019
Colombia Premiere 2nd semester 2020
Malorie, a beautiful 25-year-old girl, escapes with her roommate Danielle from the psychiatric clinic where she has been held against her will, all with the help of Sylvia, a nurse who works there.
In the clinic Malorie had recurring hallucinations in which she saw a figure stalking her. However, these visions were attributed to the schizophrenic attacks she has been experiencing since the day she was locked up.
The only explanation given by the authorities for her confinement is that she was found lost in the center of a nearby town.
After their escape, Sylvia takes both girls through a desolated road. In an unexpected turn, Sylvia injects a liquid into Malorie’s bloodstream that puts her to sleep and then tries to rape her, but Malorie, who suddenly wakes up, and manages to hit her and run away.
After walking several kilometers, Malorie gets to Fortuna Lake, the summer house of her best friend’s parents, Susan, with whom she suspects she was the night she presumably lost her mind and who (she discovers later) is missing. There Malorie meets Jared, a mysterious and lonely neighbor who helps her hide from the hospital personnel who are looking for her.
Malorie will try to recover some of the sanity lost in recent weeks, understand the dark hallucinations that torment her and discover the relationship between her and Susan’s disappearance.