I will take you to Brazil

Created by: Salvador del Solar and Felipe Martínez Amador.
Written by: Felipe Martínez Amador and Jorge de Dios.
Director: Juan Felipe Orozco
Producers: Felipe Martínez Amador and Rubén Vargas
Genre: Romantic Comedy.
Status: Premiere April 2014
Juancho and Tyson are two friends, passionate about soccer, who work in an office like any other. When Colombia qualifies for the Soccer World Cup, they make a promise: to go together to see it in Brazil. What neither knows is that they both really want to go with Laura, Don Justo’s secretary, the head of the office, who is also his lover.
After thinking of strange ways to get the money they need, the solution comes when they solve the insomnia problem of the Squirrel, the best worker in the office, who had not slept for weeks because of his gangster neighbor. They understand that they will be able to earn money quickly by “doing what nobody wants to do” and they create a company that will take care of it. Juancho and Tyson will thus begin to save money by doing bizarre jobs behind the back of Don Justo, who has his own problems: getting his wife not to know about his lover and improving the sales of the office.
The Squirrel, Laura, the boss, his wife and a mobster who is not as manly as he seems, will be the cause of a network of complicated problems that the protagonists will have to solve in order to achieve their goal: go to Brazil to watch the World Cup. Who will finally see the World Cup? The game has started and neither is a favorite.

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