Created by: Luis Villamil.
Genre: Comedy.
Audience: Family.
Format: 8 x 25 series per season.
Walter is a businessman. He is an unusual collection agent hired by lenders, or creditors, to recover funds from debtors that are past dues, or from accounts that are in default.
Walters has a new strategy to recover money from these faulty debtors. He and his agents disguise themselves with hilarious and flashy costumes, and pursue the debtors on the street, talking over loudspeakers about the amount of their debts. Debtors must pay to stop the public ridicule in front of family, office colleagues or friends.
Among their most effective costumes yet, you can find: a bullfighter collector, a slim rabbit who can chase you for hours and even sensual nurses willing to go after you everywhere.
Walter´s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Macarena, a woman who hires his collection company to go after her husband, Kaiser, and recover her fair share of his state after the divorce.
The entire collectors team is committed to find Macarena’s husband and collect the debt. What they don’t know is that Kaiser, is a dangerous Colombian narco that doesn’t like to be played around.
Walter and Macarena will develop their own love story, through funny situations and hilarious action scenes between fancy disguised collectors and Mafia bosses, but… Will love prevail? Can Walter have Macarena’s love forever?
Will the collectors beat the mafia and collect the debt?